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Usenet Explorer 5.1 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 5.1 brings the following changes:

  • Added options to clear recent unpack folders: Edit menu->Delete history, Recent: Save folders, Recent: Unrar folders.
  • Flagged messages without article bodies will now expire and reset newsgroup will clear them.
  • Added option Edit menu -> Properties -> General, Purge deleted headers automatically either on newsgroup first load or newsgroup every load with the check box to limit the option only to the import group.
  • Added option Edit menu -> Properties ->Search/Import, Import options, Collection name out of nzb name, so the custom collection will use the nzb name instead of the post subject.
  • Added manual par2 set deep scan option in the unpack context menu and auto deep scan option in Edit menu -> Properties -> Save/Unpack, Unpack, Auto, Deep scan. The deep scan option will scan files listed in the unpack pane in the same directory where the par2 set files are located and even if the files are both misnamed and corrupted, but have matched data blocks - the data will be utilized. It is useful as the last resort when downloading intentionally misnamed sets of files. Usenet Explorer is the first program which introduces such an option.
  • Removed practical limit on the number of parts in a partial due to recently appearing posts which contain huge files as a single partial message.
  • Automatically resizable quick filter and search service bars.
  • When posted the quoted reply length can be now set in Edit menu->Properties->Post, Truncate reply quote, when empty the reply quote won't be truncated at all.
  • When posting server is disabled, there will be a warning given.
  • Added option to export headers into nzb file from a search view in Context menu -> Advanced -> Export Headers.
  • Posts by an undeground newzbin like website using corrupted yEnc encoding will be now decoded.
  • Timer frequency for launching tasks etc. was increased to address high connection speeds.
  • Collection detection code refined.
  • SSL library updated.
  • Other refinements and fixes.