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SABnzbd 2.3.5 changelog

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SABnzbd 2.3.5 brings the following changes:

- Reworked Deobfuscate.py script for much faster renaming
- All scripts can now receive input through environment variables
- Unable to set only one Indexer Category per category
- Could falsely report not enough blocks are available for repair
- Failures in un-(7)zip or file-joining would not fail the job
- Direct Unpack could abort unnecessarily
- Rare crash during file assembly
- Server hostname is now used in warnings and logs
- Improved disk performance measurement
- Overall improvements in stability and reliability
- Windows: MultiPar repair of joinable files could fail
- Windows: Tray icon also shows remaining size when paused
- Windows: Wizard would not default to installer language
- Windows: Update MultiPar to
- Windows and macOS: Update UnRar to 5.60