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New: SpotLite 2.0 tutorial!

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Welcome to our article describing SpotLite! SpotLite is simlar to SpotLite and FTD and is a program that you can use to view what has been found (spotted) by others on Usenet.

The main differences between SpotLite and Spotnet are:

  • SpotLite is much faster.
  • SpotLite also runs on Apple Mac OS and Linux.
  • You can't add spots to SpotLite, only view spots.
  • The developer of SpotLite does not want to create a heavyweight all-in-one program for Usenet, but just an easy lightweight program for viewing spots. In a spot you can view the newsgroup and file name which you can use in a Usenet NZB search engine to generate a NZB file that you can import in your favorite newsreader.

Similarities with Spotnet:

  • Information about spots is stored in a newsgroup on Usenet instead of on a web server. Therefore SpotLite needs to connect to a news server (payserver) to retrieve spots.

Topics that will be discussed in this article are:

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Viewing and searching spots
  4. Categories and filters
  5. Other functionality

Download SpotLite 2.0

note The latest version of this program is version 2.0 which was released on December 1, 2011
What has been improved in this version?

There are versions of SpotLite for Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu (Linux):


Attention: in the future should you see a spot within SpotLite claiming that a new SpotLite version has been released, do not trust it immediately! It could also be a virus. Instead check this page on Binaries4all for the latest SpotLite news.

Check Binaries4all regularly to see whether new versions of SpotLite have been released. Pressing Ctrl +D will add Binaries4all to your browser favorites.

Binaries4all is not the developer of SpotLite.

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