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Tutorial: Posting with Powerpost

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In this howto we will explain how to post files into newsgroups on Usenet using Powerpost. We will also create an NZB file and PAR2 repair files.

note Important:
When downloading from binary newsgroups on Usenet you will notice that besides free material there are also files that are copyrighted. Downloading or distributing copyrighted material is prohibited by law. This site isn’t meant to promote distributing this material, it’s only meant to explain how binary newsgroups and related software work. You won’t find any links to such material, cracks or serial numbers here. Therefore our advise: study what is allowed by law and act accordingly.

There are a lot of different versions of Powerpost because the original author has released his code to the public for general use. For this tutorial we use CamelSystem Powerpost, because it also supports Windows Vista and 7. This version is currently the best version of Powerpost and can be downloaded here: Download PowerPost (link opens in a new window).

Another easy to use program for posting is yEncbin Poster.

In this manual we will discuss the following:

  • Configuring Powerpost
  • Preparing a posting
  • Posting the files

Some remarks before we start :

  • Every Usenet newsgroup has its own subject, so post files in the right group. This means that you may only post files into Usenet newsgroups with the word binaries in its title. Furthermore: never post music in a group with movies in the title, for example.
  • Always post a NFO file, so people can see what you are posting. Create this before you start posting. This is explained in our tutorial Creating NFO files.
  • Always create and post PAR2 files so people can use them to recover incomplete files. This can be done by Powerpost itself (explained in this tutorial) or you could do it manually up-front with QuickPar.
  • Always post a NZB file, to make downloading easier. Creating an NZB file is explained in this tutorial.

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