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WinRAR 6.10 beta 2 changelog

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WinRAR 6.10 beta 2 brings the following changes:

 Version 6.10 beta 2

   1. WinRAR icon is displayed on Windows 11 taskbar after invoking
      WinRAR from Explorer context menu. There was no icon in previous
      beta version in this case.

   2. Archive information dialog includes the proper compression
      dictionary size for ZIP Deflate64 and Implode compression methods.
      Previously it was always 32 KB for them.

   3. Bugs fixed:

      a) WinRAR shell extension could crash in Windows 11;
      b) restoring from tray did not correctly place WinRAR under other
         opened windows in Windows 7;

      c) "Cascaded context menus" option in "Settings" dialog was always
         displayed as turned on, even if user turned it off earlier.