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SABnzbd 2.2.0 changelog

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SABnzbd 2.2.0 brings the following changes:

- Direct Unpack: Jobs will start unpacking during the download, reduces
post-processing time but requires capable hard drive. Only works for jobs that
do not need repair. Will be enabled if your incomplete folder-speed > 40MB/s
- Reduced memory usage, especially with larger queues
- Graphical overview of server-usage on Servers page
- Notifications can now be limited to certain Categories
- Removed 5 second delay between fetching URLs
- Each item in the Queue and File list now has Move to Top/Bottom buttons
- Add option to only tag a duplicate job without pausing or removing it
- New option "History Retention" to automatically purge jobs from History
- Jobs outside server retention are processed faster
- Obfuscated filenames are renamed during downloading, if possible
- Disk-space is now checked before writing files
- Add "Retry All Failed" button to Glitter
- Smoother animations in Firefox (disabled previously due to FF high-CPU usage)
- Show missing articles in MB instead of number of articles
- Better indication of verification process before and after repair
- Remove video and audio rating icons from Queue
- Show vote buttons instead of video and audio rating buttons in History
- If enabled, replace dots in filenames also when there are spaces already
- Handling of par2 files made more robust
- All par2 files are only downloaded when enabled, not on enable_par_cleanup
- Update GNTP bindings to 1.0.3
- max_art_opt and replace_illegal moved from Switches to Specials
- Removed Specials par2_multicore and allow_streaming
- Windows: Full unicode support when calling repair and unpack
- Windows: Move enable_multipar to Specials
- Windows: MultiPar verification of a job is skipped after blocks are fetched
- Windows & macOS: removed par2cmdline in favor of par2tbb/MultiPar
- Windows & macOS: Updated WinRAR to 5.5.0

Bugfixes since 2.1.0
- Shutdown/suspend did not work on some Linux systems
- Standby/Hibernate was not working on Windows
- Deleting a job could result in write errors
- Display warning if "Extra par2 parameters" turn out to be wrong
- RSS URLs with commas in the URL were broken
- Fixed some "Saving failed" errors
- Fixed crashing URLGrabber
- Jobs with renamed files are now correctly handled when using Retry
- Disk-space readings could be updated incorrectly
- Correct redirect after enabling HTTPS in the Config
- Fix race-condition in Post-processing
- History would not always show latest changes
- Convert HTML in error messages
- In some cases not all RAR-sets were unpacked
- Fixed unicode error during Sorting
- Faulty pynotify could stop shutdown
- Categories with ' in them could result in SQL errors
- Special characters like []!* in filenames could break repair
- Wizard was always accessible, even with username and password set
- Correct value in "Speed" Extra History Column
- Not all texts were shown in the selected Language
- Various CSS fixes in Glitter and the Config
- Catch "error 0" when using HTTPS on some Linux platforms
- Warning is shown when many files with duplicate filenames are discarded
- Improve zeroconf/bonjour by sending HTTPS setting and auto-discover of IP
- Windows: Fix error in MultiPar-code when first par2-file was damaged
- macOS: Catch "Protocol wrong type for socket" errors

- Added Hebrew translation by ION IL, many other languages updated.

Depreciation notices
- Option to limit Servers to specific Categories is now scheduled
to be removed in the next release.

Upgrading from 2.1.x and older
- Finish queue
- Stop SABnzbd
- Install new version
- Start SABnzbd

Upgrade notices
- The organization of the download queue is different from 0.7.x releases.
This version will not see the old queue, but you restore the jobs by going
to Status page and use Queue Repair.

Known problems and solutions
- Read the file "ISSUES.txt"