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WinRAR 6.22 changelog

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WinRAR 6.22 brings the following changes:

1. Bugs fixed:

      a) extracting individual files from solid archives created by
         RAR versions older than 2.0, could fail in WinRAR 6.20 and 6.21.
         It didn't affect extracting the entire archive, which was performed

      b) files in Unix ARJ archives could be erroneously displayed as folders
         in WinRAR file list;

      c) "Display files in Explorer" extraction option was ignored
         if "When done: Close WinRAR" option was also set and archive
         was opened in WinRAR before extracting;

      d) file size value in the internal viewer status bar didn't include
         the byte order mask field, displaying a smaller than actual size
         for Unicode files.