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ConvertXtoDVD changelog

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ConvertXtoDVD brings the following changes:

- 0013350: [Bug] Add missing DLLs for localisation tool (felicia)
- 0013348: [Feature Request] Add import option for menu templates (felicia)
- 0013343: [Bug] A period appears after the Title (wesson)
- 0013344: [Bug] Folder not deleted after burning (wesson)
- 0010931: [Feature Request] make sure Spanish translation is uptodate (felicia)
- 0013339: [Bug] Exception when entring empty chain in menu editor (felicia)
- 0009955: [Suggestion] use 'disc' instead of 'disk' (felicia)
- 0009291: [Bug] taken into account folder structure when checking file name length (felicia)
- 0008328: [Bug] FR hint for cores setting is not correct (felicia)
- 0013333: [Bug] BD subtitles rendered empty (felicia)