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7-Zip 23.00 changelog

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7-Zip 23.00 brings the following changes:

- 7-Zip now can use new ARM64 filter for compression to 7z and xz archives.
  ARM64 filter can increase compression ratio for data containing executable
  files compiled for ARM64 (AArch64) architecture.
  Also 7-Zip now parses executable files (that have exe and dll filename extensions)
  before compressing, and it selects appropriate filter for each parsed file:
    - BCJ or BCJ2 filter for x86 executable files,
    - ARM64 filter for ARM64 executable files.
  Previous versions by default used x86 filter BCJ or BCJ2 for all exe/dll files.
- Default section size for BCJ2 filter was changed from 64 MiB to 240 MiB.
  It can increase compression ratio for executable files larger than 64 MiB.
- UDF: support was improved.
- cpio: support for hard links.
- Some changes and optimizations in WIM creation code.
- When new 7-Zip creates multivolume archive, 7-Zip keeps in open state
  only volumes that still can be changed. Previous versions kept all volumes
  in open state until the end of the archive creation.
- 7-Zip for Linux and macOS now can reduce the number of simultaneously open files,
  when 7-Zip opens, extracts or creates multivolume archive. It allows to avoid
  the failures for cases with big number of volumes, bacause there is a limitation
  for number of open files allowed for a single program in Linux and macOS.
- There are optimizations in code for 7-Zip's context menu in Explorer:
  the speed of preparing of the menu showing was improved for cases when big number of
  files were selected by external program for context menu that contains 7-Zip menu commands.
- There are changes in code for the drag-and-drop operations to and from 7-Zip File Manager.
  And the drag-and-drop operation with right button of mouse now is supported for some cases.
- The bugs were fixed:
  - ZIP archives: if multithreaded zip compression was performed with more than one
      file to stdout stream (-so switch), 7-zip didn't write "data descriptor" for some files.
  - ext4 archives: 7-Zip couldn't correctly extract symbolic link to directory from ext4 archives.
  - HFS and APFS archives: 7-Zip incorrectly decoded uncompressed blocks (64 KiB) in compressed forks.
  - Some another bugs were fixed.