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SABnzbd 3.6.0 changelog

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SABnzbd 3.6.0 brings the following changes:

Changes since 3.5.3

  • Significantly increased performance by using the yEnc-decoding
    library of @animetosho. Usenet articles are now decoded using
    specialized CPU instructions (SIMD) on x86 and ARM systems.
  • Create and restore a backup of configuration and database.
  • Show source of lower download speed (CPU or disk).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (Pause, Add, Status, Config).
  • Result of the Deobfuscate step is listed in History details.
  • Path of Default category will be used if category doesn't have one.
  • Disabling api_warnings prevents showing Access Denied
    information to the external client.
  • Jobs with Force priority will always skip the duplicate check.
  • Added ext_rename_ignore to add custom extensions that should
    be ignored during the Deobfuscate step.
  • Removed Indexer Feedback Integration.
  • Removed included Deobfuscate.py as it is outdated.
  • Show a warning when there are no valid news servers active.
  • Show a warning if the filesystem does not support special characters.
  • Allow multiple parameters to be passed to par2cmdline/Multipar.
  • Linux: Added AppStream metadata, desktop shortcut and MimeInfo.
  • Linux: Added support for bash completion.
  • macOS: Application and included tools fully native on M1 systems.
  • macOS/Windows: Updated UnRar to 6.10 and 7-Zip to 21.07.
  • Windows: Updated MultiPar to v1.3.2.3.

API changes since 3.5.3

  • Removed several (status) fields from the queue API call.
  • Remove unused and undocumented API calls: addid, options, rescan,
    osx_icon, set_speedlimit, get_speedlimit, set_colorscheme.
  • Removed undocumented xcat parameter.
  • None values in XML API-output are left empty.
  • Adding NZB's would not always return nzo_ids.
  • Prevent crash in history call during post-processing.

Bugfixes since 3.5.3

  • Extended timeout when measuring system performance.
  • Interface settings were sometimes reset on page reload.
  • Par2 sets with duplicate names could skip verification and repair.
  • Ignore .par2 files that could not be parsed.
  • Correctly default to Glitter - Auto on new installs.
  • Download speed was not updated when stalled due to disk performance.
  • Prevent traceback when status functions timeout.
  • Prevent crash if not enough repair blocks are available.
  • Prevent crash when there is an unknown language setting.
  • Source release had Windows line-endings.
  • Windows: If a job password contained a double quote it
    would not be picked up by UnRar and unpack would fail.