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WinRAR 7.00 beta 3 changelog

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WinRAR 7.00 beta 3 brings the following changes:

1. Faster CRC32 checksum calculation improves extraction and archiving
      performance for archives utilizing this type of checksum.
      Speed improvement can be noticeable when extracting large files,
      especially files saved in "Store" mode without compression.

   2. "What's new" and "Run WinRAR" buttons are added to window
      completing WinRAR installation.

   3. "Archive comment:" string is displayed before the archive comment
      in the console RAR.
   4. Bugs fixed:

      a) information about the total number of files and folders
         in WinRAR status bar always displayed 1 folder;

      b) "Checksum" column wasn't displayed until turning it off
         and then on in column settings.