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WinRAR 6.20 beta 2 changelog

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WinRAR 6.20 beta 2 brings the following changes:

1. If Zone.Identifier alternate NTFS stream, also known as Mark of the Web, is present both in archived office document file and host archive and if archive security zone is set to "Internet" or "Restricted sites", WinRAR sets the host archive stream to unpacked file and ignores the archived file stream.

2. Bugs fixed: a) updating an existing archive in RAR5 format could result in broken archive data in beta 1 if existing archive included the archive comment, encrypted file names and was created by version older than WinRAR 6.20; b) updating an archive with -ver -ow -s switches failed with checksum error if -ver removed old archived file versions. Without -s, it could produce a larger than necessary archive with redundant NTFS security data records.