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WinRAR 6.24 changelog

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WinRAR 6.24 brings the following changes:

1. Bugs fixed:

      a) WinRAR and UnRAR.dll extraction command dereferenced a null pointer
         and crashed when processing a zero length archive name
         in the archive metadata stored with -am switch.

         We are thankful to Radoslaw Madej from Check Point software
         for reporting this issue;
      b) WinRAR and UnRAR.dll extraction command overwrote extracted file
         data with contents of ::$DATA NTFS alternate data stream,
         if such stream was present in the archive. In this case
         unpacked data size and checksum could mismatch file size
         and checksum displayed in WinRAR file list. It didn't affect
         file name and type, which were displayed properly.

         We are thankful to Ata Hakcil for reporting this issue.