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ConvertXtoDVD changelog

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ConvertXtoDVD brings the following changes:

0013453: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to section bar
0013448: [Bug] Progress fomr not always appears on collaing form's center
0013446: [Bug] Exception when opening cut tab
0013442: [Bug] Burning an already converted project may produce bad disks
0013437: [Bug] Delete folder after burn not working if ISO is selected
0013432: [Bug] Overhaul file loading (May fix random load deadlock)
0013430: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to sections in cut tab
0013428: [Feature Request] Add thumbs when hovering video trackbar
0013419: [Bug] Program prevents batcher to switch to next item if output is ISO
0013417: [Feature Request] Detect stt file language if present in filename
0013402: [Bug] Any way to keep "Sound Events" preferences?
0013408: [Bug] Template editor - Resources not remembered if not copied
0013406: [Bug] Template editor - Button overlays are not remembered
0013404: [Bug] Separate smart copy option for video, audio and subtitles
0013381: [Feature Request] Detail reasons to refuse remux
0013368: [Bug] conversion fails with subrip because of unhandled exception
0013357: [Bug] Default typesetting not applied if custom
0013394: [Bug] If source is DVD only beginning of video is read
0013390: [Bug] Conversion files if last project name letter is a space for DVD output
0013387: [Feature Request] Add support for F4V files
0010703: [Bug] complex ass subtitles do no display in CXD preview or on output
0013370: [Bug] Delete after burn option no longer works
0013364: [Bug] Audio edition for menu has issue with drop down translation visibility