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7-Zip 17.01 changelog

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7-Zip 17.01 brings the following changes:

  • Minor speed optimization for LZMA2 (xz and 7z) multi-threading compression.
    7-Zip now uses additional memory buffers for multi-block LZMA2 compression.
    CPU utilization was slightly improved.
  • 7-zip now creates multi-block xz archives by default. Block size can be
    specified with -ms[Size]{m|g} switch.
  • xz decoder now can unpack random block from multi-block xz archives.
    7-Zip File Manager now can open nested multi-block xz archives
    (for example, image.iso.xz) without full unpacking of xz archive.
  • 7-Zip now can create zip archives from stdin to stdout.
  • 7-Zip command line: @listfile now doesn't work after -- switch.
    Use -i@listfile before -- switch instead.
  • The BUGs were fixed:
    7-Zip could add unrequired alternate file streams to WIM archives,
    for commands that contain filename wildcards and -sns switch.
    7-Zip 17.00 beta crashed for commands that write anti-item to 7z archive.
    7-Zip 17.00 beta ignored "Use large memory pages" option.