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WinRAR 6.10 beta 3 changelog

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WinRAR 6.10 beta 3 brings the following changes:

 Version 6.10 beta 3

   1. "Legacy context menus" option in "Settings/Integration" dialog
      can be used in Windows 11 if WinRAR commands are missing in
      "Show more options" Windows legacy context menu or in context menus
      of third party file managers. If WinRAR commands are already present
      here, keep "Legacy context menus" option turned off to prevent
      duplicating them.
      This option is not available in Windows 10 and older.
   2. Added extraction of .zst archives starting from so called
      skippable frame with user defined data. Previous beta versions
      supported .zst archives only with standard frame in the beginning.

   3. Improved the precision of extraction progress for RAR5 archives
      with large recovery record.
   4. Bugs fixed:

      a) there was a memory leak when unpacking data in XZ format;

      b) "Delete archive" extraction option failed to delete .zx## parts
         of multipart .zipx archive;

      c) an excessive trailing colon was displayed in "lt" co