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SABnzbd 2.3.3 changelog

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SABnzbd 2.3.3 brings the following changes:

Changes since 2.3.2

- Introduce and enforce "host_whitelist" to reject DNS Rebinding attacks.
If you access SABnzbd from a non-standard URL, you will need to add
the hostname. More info: https://sabnzbd.org/hostname-check
- SABYenc updated to 3.3.5 to fix false-positive CRC errors
- SSL-Ciphers can now be set per-server
- Failed URL fetches also trigger post-processing script (if configured)
- Added "max_url_retries" to set maximum retries of URL fetching
- Added "ignore_empty_files" option to not warn on empty files in NZB
- Added "X-Frame-Options" HTTP-header to prevent click-jacking
- Added "httpOnly" HTTP-header to prevent script cookie access
- Extended SAN list of newly generated self-signed certificates
- Indicate that SMPL-skin is no longer supported
- Removed undocumented "callback" option from API calls
- macOS: 64bit version of unrar instead of 32bit
- Windows: Set process priority of external processes (unpack/repair)
- Windows: Default external process priority increased to "Normal"

Bugfixes since 2.3.2

- NZB's can be added via command-line but this was not shown in "--help"
- Only show bad-SSL-warning if it was actually tested
- Language-change via API did not directly change display language
- Cheetah 3 is also accepted as template engine
- Correctly indicate that 99 is the maximum server priority
- Results of unpacked zip/7zip files were not sorted
- Joining of split files was limited to 999 files
- Media files with "password" in filename were detected as encrypted
- Servers that could not be DNS-resolved could block the queue
- Detect '502 Byte limit exceeded' as payment problem
- Server load-balancing setting was ignored when testing server
- Windows: MultiPar checksum errors during repair would result in crash
- Windows: Update 7zip to 18.01