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WinRAR 6.23 changelog

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WinRAR 6.23 brings the following changes:

1. Added extraction of XZ archives utilizing ARM64 filter.
2. Rar$LS* temporary files, created when extracting or testing multiple
      archives from Windows context menu, are now deleted immediately.
      Previously they were deleted only on next WinRAR runs and only
      if they were at least 1 hour old.
3. Bugs fixed:

      a) a security issue involving out of bounds write is fixed
         in RAR4 recovery volumes processing code.

         We are thankful to goodbyeselene working with Trend Micro Zero Day
         Initiative for letting us know about this bug;

      b) WinRAR could start a wrong file after a user double clicked
         an item in a specially crafted archive.

         We are thankful to Andrey Polovinkin from Group-IB Threat
         Intelligence unit for letting us know about this bug;

      c) if both NTFS and Unix time extra fields were available for a file
         in ZIP archive, extraction command ignored the second extra field
         even if it provided more time fields than first one;

      d) interface themes were applied to archive icons even if
         "Apply to archive icons" option in "Organize themes" dialog
         was turned off.