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WinRAR 7.00 beta 2 changelog

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WinRAR 7.00 beta 2 brings the following changes:

1. 64-bit WinRAR version uses 64-bit SFX modules by default.
      64-bit SFX modules are needed to unpack archives with dictionaries
      exceeding 1 GB.
      32-bit modules are renamed to Default32.SFX, Zip32.SFX, WinCon32.SFX.

   2. Maximum allowed dictionary size for archiving and extraction
      can be specified in gigabytes in MaxDictA and MaxDictE variables
      in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Policy" Registry key.
      If these variables are smaller than corresponding values defined
      in WinRAR interface, they override interface values.

   3. "Benchmark" command:

      a) wider text area allows to fit longer system information strings;

      b) "Copy to clipboard" buttom copies both text and window screenshot.

   4. Note to software developers: FCI_RAR5_COMPAT and UNPACK_MAX_DICT
      values have been added in UnRAR source code 7.0.3. If earlier version
      of UnRAR 7 source code was integrated into application, it is necessary
      to update it to support them.

   5. Console RAR filters out character 27 from screen output. It is done
      for security reasons, because this character can be used to declare
      ANSI escape control sequences in some terminal applications.

      We are thankful to Siddharth Dushantha for bringing this issue
      to our attention.

   6. "Remove" option is added to "Original archive name and time" list
      on "Options" page of "Info" dialog. Unlike "Do not save", it removes
      the archive information even if no other options in this dialog
      are modified.

   7. It is possible to enable "Packed" column in WinRAR file list also
      outside of archives to see NTFS compressed file size.

   8. Bugs fixed:

      a) invalid names could be displayed for files inside of LZH archives;
      b) archiving dialog opened from Windows 11 context menu could be
         unexpectedly closed soon after opening;

      c) asterisk character wasn't displayed after encrypted archived files
         in WinRAR file list;

      d) value displayed as the dictionary size in archive properties
         in Windows Explorer could be either by 1024 larger than actual
         dictionary size or missing completely;

      e) '+' character from "Generate archive name by mask" string was
         included into resulting archive name;

      f) environment variables were not expanded in command parameters
         inside of SFX archive script.