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WinRAR 5.70 beta 1 changelog

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WinRAR 5.70 beta 1 brings the following changes:

 1. "Files to process" option on "Time" page of archiving dialog
      allows to choose files based on modification, creation or last access
      file time. Previously it was possible for modification time only.
   2. Command line -ta, -tb, -tn, -to switches accept 'm', 'c' and 'a'
      modifiers after the switch name. So file time conditions can include
      not only the file modification time as in previous versions,
      but also creation and last access time.

   3. WinRAR file list can display creation and last access file times
      if they are available.

      Creation and last access columns are disabled by default and can be
      enabled in "Select file list columns" dialog. This dialog is opened
      after right clicking on file list column headers or after pressing
      "File list/Files/Columns..." button in WinRAR settings.

   4. "Double extensions for archives" and "Archives in subfolders"
      options on "Files" page of archiving dialog modify behavior of 
      "Put each file to separate archive" option.

      You can switch between archive names in filename.ext.rar
      and filename.rar style with "Double extensions for archives".

      You can create a separate archive for every file in selected subfolders
      or store the entire contents of every selected folder in separate
      archive depending on the state of "Archives in subfolders" option.

   5. New -ad1 switch can be used when unpacking multiple archives
      recursively, such as 'rar x -r -ad1 arc\*.rar'. It creates
      a separate folder for files unpacked from each archive,
      but unlike already existing -ad switch, it creates such folders
      in each archive folder.

   6. If context menu "Extract each archive to separate folder" is applied
      to archives from different folders in Windows Explorer "Search results",
      subfolders with unpacked files are created in each archive folder.
      Previous versions created them all in a folder of right clicked archive.
   7. New "File list/List style/Checkboxes" option in WinRAR settings
      allows to use checkboxes to select file list items.

   8. New "File list/Files/Exact sizes" option in WinRAR settings.

      If this option is on, file sizes are always displayed in bytes.
      If it is off, sizes are rounded up and use units such as KB or MB.
      Smaller files can be still displayed in bytes.

   9. If several console RAR are started with -ioff switch, PC is turned off
      by RAR copy finished last. Previously this switch was processed
      by first finished copy.

  10. Read and write buffer size is increased for .iso files.
      It can help to improve .iso extraction performance in some cases,
      such as for network drives.

  11. If "Delete archive" option in extraction dialog is applied to a set
      of RAR and REV volumes in volname.part# format, WinRAR will delete
      REV volumes as well. Previously only RAR volumes were deleted
      keeping REV files intact.

  12. If "Delete archive" option in extraction dialog is applied to set
      of ZIP volumes with .zip.001, .zip.002, .zip.003 extensions,
      WinRAR will delete all ZIP volumes. Previously only .zip.001 volume
      was deleted for such volume naming scheme.

  13. If we unpack arcname.rar using "Extract to arcname\" Explorer context
      menu command and "arcname" file already exists, WinRAR shell extension
      will propose "Extract to arcname~1\" instead. Previously this context
      menu command attempted to create a folder with same name as already
      existing file and failed.

  14. If we pack a shortcut file with .lnk extension from Explorer context
      menu, .lnk file itself is added to archive. Previous versions added
      .lnk file target instead of .lnk file.

  15. Windows does not allow executables exceeding 4 GB, so WinRAR issues
      an error immediately when attempting to create 4 GB or larger
      RAR SFX volumes. Previously WinRAR issued such error only after
      creating the first RAR volume.

  16. Total extraction progress is displayed for 7z multivolume archives. 
      Accuracy of 7z total extraction progress is improved.

  17. Nadav Grossman from Check Point Software Technologies informed us
      about a security vulnerability in UNACEV2.DLL library.
      Aforementioned vulnerability makes possible to create files
      in arbitrary folders inside or outside of destination folder
      when unpacking ACE archives.

      WinRAR used this third party library to unpack ACE archives.
      UNACEV2.DLL had not been updated since 2005 and we do not have access
      to its source code. So we decided to drop ACE archive format support
      to protect security of WinRAR users.

      We are thankful to Check Point Software Technologies for reporting
      this issue.
  18. Bugs fixed:

      a) console RAR mixed up source and destination file sizes and times
         in the overwrite prompt when updating a file in RAR archive
         with -o switch;

      b) dragging files from 32-bit applications to 64-bit WinRAR window
         did not work;

      c) WinRAR Shift+Del command applied to a folder could fail to delete
         some its subfolders. This command is used to delete files and folders
         permanently instead of moving them to Recycle Bin;

      d) folder tree panel could not change folders if archived pathnames
         started from path separator, such as in archives created by tar tool
         with --absolute-names option;

      e) if relative "Path=.\somefolder" was specified in SFX comment
         and SFX archive needed to elevate privileges when extracting,
         it created 'somefolder\somefolder' instead of 'somefolder';

      f) commands modifying an existing RAR4 volume reset the volume number
         field to 1. While it did not affect extraction, WinRAR displayed
         a wrong volume number for such volumes;

      g) fixed a crash when reading a comment from a corrupt RAR file;

      h) toolbar in "Find" command "Search results" window was not adjusted
         to different toolbar icon sizes properly.