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SABnzbd 3.5.3 changelog

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SABnzbd 3.5.3 brings the following changes:

Bugfix since 3.5.0

  • Prevent disk errors due to Direct Unpack being too aggressive.
  • URL's waiting to fetch get stuck indefinitely upon restart.

Changes and bugfixes since 3.5.0

  • Prevent permissions errors on systems that do not support them.
  • Small changes in file assembly and Direct Unpack processing.
  • Changes to the transition from download to active post-processing.
  • Malformed NZB files could result in a crash.
  • Prevent crash in Direct Unpack for obfuscated posts.
  • RSS feeds with HTML-characters in the name resulted in crashes.
  • macOS: failed to start on older macOS versions.

Changes since 3.4.2

  • Removed Python 3.6 support.
  • SOCKS5 proxy support for all outgoing connections.
  • Restored support for UUencoded jobs.
  • Required server option: in case of connection failures, the queue
    will be paused for a few minutes instead of skipping the server.
  • Added Special option to preserve paused state after a restart.
  • Show an estimated time-left indicator for repair and unpacking.
  • Require TLS version 1.2 or higher for SSL news server connections.
  • Setting custom ciphers forces the maximum TLS version to 1.2.
  • Reduced memory usage during and after parsing .nzb files.
  • Handle multiple passwords stored in NZB-file.
  • macOS/Linux: Permissions are only applied if any are set.
  • macOS/Windows: updated to Python 3.10.2.
  • macOS: run native on M1 systems. However, included tools
    (par2, unrar and 7za) still require Rosetta emulation.
  • Snap: updated to core20 base and restore 7zip support.

Bugfixes since 3.4.2

  • Global interface settings would not always be applied correctly.
  • Email notification setting was not shown correctly.
  • Improvements and fixes for Defobfuscate final filenames.
  • Post-Process Only Verified Jobs would not always work as intended.
  • Correctly detect too little disk space when unpacking 7zip's.
  • Improvements to handling of repair by MultiPar and par2cmdline.
  • HTML characters in configuration fields were shown incorrectly.
  • On Retry the number of downloaded bytes could exceed the total bytes.
  • unrar logging of Direct Unpack was not logged if it was aborted.
  • Windows: portable.cmd was not included in the release.
  • Windows: print low-level Windows error on IOError.

Upgrade notices

  • The download statistics file totals10.sab is updated in 3.2.x
    version. If you downgrade to 3.1.x or lower, detailed download
    statistics will be lost.