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Transmission 4.0.3 changelog

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Transmission 4.0.3 brings the following changes:

This is a bugfix-only release. Everyone's feedback on 4.0.x has been very helpful -- thanks for all the suggestions, bug reports, and pull requests!

What's New in 4.0.3

All Platforms

  • Fixed 4.0.2 higher CPU load while downloading. Regression introduced by #5167. (#5266, #5273)
  • Fixed 4.0.0 bug where the torrentGet RPC method returned wrong trackerStats.tier values. (#5274)
  • Fixed 4.0.0 HTTP announce behavior with bind-address-ipv* settings. (#5296)
  • Fixed 4.0.0 bug in code that detects the computer's IPv6 support. (#5312)
  • Silenced 4.0.0 minor log warnings for cross_seed_entry and uid entries in torrent files. (#5365)
  • When adding a duplicate torrent via the RPC API, the return value now matches Transmission 3's return value. (#5370)
  • Fixed use of metainfo display-name as a fallback name. (#5378)
  • Updated torrent Peer ID generation to happen once per session, even for public torrents. (#5233)

macOS Client

  • Added support for non-UTF-8 magnets. (#5244)
  • Fixed potential memory leak in tr_strv_convert_utf8(). (#5264)
  • Fixed crash on launch from tapping on a notification. (#5280)

Qt Client

  • Fixed 4.0.2 FTBFS on Qt 5.13. (#5238)

GTK Client

  • Fixed 4.0.0 preferences dialog being too large for small displays. (#5276, #5360)
  • Fixed 4.0.0 regression of percents, speeds, sizes, etc. not being i18nized properly. (#5288)
  • Fixed FTBFS in GTKMM 4.10. (#5289, #5295)

Web Client

  • Fixed confusing Inspector UI when waiting for initial data from the server. (#5249)
  • Fixed a keyboard shortcut conflict. (#5318)
  • Turned off keyboard shortcuts when input fields have focus. (#5381)
  • Show announce URL's origins in the inspector's tracker list. (#5382)
  • Added missing date-added field in the Inspector's info tab. (#5386)


  • Set the log level sooner at startup to ensure events aren't missed. (#5345)


  • Fixed 4.0.0 bug in the display of how much of a torrent has been downloaded. (#5265)

Everything Else

  • Bumped fallback version of libdeflate from v1.17 to bugfix release v1.18. (#5388)
  • Documentation improvements. (#5278)