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WinRAR 5.61 changelog

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WinRAR 5.61 brings the following changes:

Version 5.61

   1. "Delete archive" extraction option deletes all volumes even if user
      started extraction from non-first RAR volume, but first volume
      is present and all files are unpacked successfully. In such case
      previous versions ignored "Delete archive" even if WinRAR was able
      to locate the first volume and process the volume set from beginning.
   2. Compression ratio bar is not displayed on "Archive" page of
      Explorer file properties for archives with encrypted file names.
      WinRAR cannot reliably calculate it for such archives without
      a password and previously it just displayed 0% here.
   3. Bugs fixed:

      a) WinRAR displayed "The specified password is incorrect" message
         infinitely when attempting to open RAR5 archive with encrypted
         file names if wrong global password was set with Ctrl+P;

      b) memory management bug in the password dialog could lead to
         access to already freed memory followed by crash.
         This issue may be also associated with security risks;

      c) fixed crashes in corrupt RAR, ACE and LZH archives.
         This issue may be also associated with security risks;

      d) while starting, WinRAR could cause a brief flickering in menu bars
         of few other applications;

      e) WinRAR "Find" command matched "String to find" against all
         archived files ignoring "File names to find" mask when searching
         in CAB archives;

      f) SFX module "License" command did not set a title of license window;

      g) if "Start-up folder" in WinRAR settings included the trailing
         backslash, WinRAR ignored first "Up one level" command.