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SABnzbd 3.3.1 changelog

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SABnzbd 3.3.1 brings the following changes:

Changes and bugfixes since 3.3.0

  • Include wiki URL in External internet access denied message.
  • Open the desired tab directly by URL in Glitter tabbed-mode.
  • Some filenames could be missed when parsing the NZB file.
  • API-call history would not filter active post-processing by nzo_ids.
  • Passwords for encrypted jobs were tried in a random order.
  • Clean invalid data from download statistics.

Changes since 3.2.1

  • The External internet access will automatically detect local network
    and no longer requires local network ranges to be defined. Custom ranges
    can still be defined through local_ranges in Special settings.
  • Allow setting inet_exposure from the command line.
  • Support prefix and netmask for Special setting local_ranges.
  • The Unwanted extensions detection can be set to Whitelist-mode.
    This will block or pause all jobs with non-matching extensions.
  • Servers article statistics are shown in K, G, M-notation.
  • Resolution added as a pattern key (%r) for Sorting.
  • Optimized performance of par2 file parsing.
  • CPU usage optimizations in the download process.
  • Revised handling of categories, scripts, and priorities when adding NZB's.
  • Download statistics are also shown when no History is shown.
  • Confirm rename if Direct Unpack is active for the job.
  • Obfuscated-RAR detection will always be performed.
  • All requests will be logged, not just API calls.
  • Stability improvement to encrypted RAR-detection.
  • Allow missing extensions in Unwanted extensions detection.
  • Removed Special setting max_art_opt.
  • Add notification that Plush will be removed in 3.4.0.
  • Windows/macOS: Update UnRar to 6.0.1.
  • Windows: Update Multipar to (adds faster verification).

Bugfixes since 3.2.1

  • Prevent failed post-processing if job name ends in multiple dots or spaces.
  • Failing articles could result in jobs being stuck at 99%.
  • Jobs could be stuck in the queue or duplicate if they had missing articles.
  • Prevent jobs getting stuck at 99% due to unreliable servers.
  • CRC/yEnc errors would be counted twice as bad articles.
  • Some NZB files would incorrectly be marked as empty.
  • API-call history would not filter active post-processing by nzo_ids.
  • Login page could be accessed even if External internet access was set
    to No access. Any other calls would still be blocked.
  • Ignore duplicate files inside messy NZB's.
  • Windows: Deobfuscate final filenames could fail to deobfuscate.
  • macOS: Disk space would be incorrect for very large disks.

Upgrade notices

  • The download statistics file totals10.sab is updated in 3.2.x
    version. If you downgrade to 3.1.x or lower, detailed download
    statistics will be lost.