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Usenet Explorer 6.0 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 6.0 brings the following changes:

- Asynchronous unpack option in edit menu->properties->unpack:

  • A number of potentially time consuming unpack tasks, namely, uncompress, repair, deep scan/verify, join, more than one of each kind, can run in parallel with saving attachments.
  • The user can download and define the 7zip command line utility for seamless 7z or zip files unpack integration. The 7z command line utility (i.e. the console version) can be downloaded here.
  • In addition to the asynchronous internal unrar (see the note below about the current limitation) added an option to use the external unrar comand line utility instead. Unrar command line can be downloaded here.
  • The asynchronous option is enabled by default, with easy prompts to complete both 7z or unrar command line utility integration if needed.
  • Unrar options in settings are now applicable to the rest of the supported compression types when relevant.
  • The run by unpack 7z/unrar console applications are hidden and minimized by default (Edit menu->Properties->Unpack, Console Window). They can be made visible at any time by just unchecking the Hide checkbox, no need even to close the properties dialog, and if to close it with pressing the Cancel button or the Esc key the console windows (in this scenario) will be hidden again.