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Usenet Explorer 5.5.3 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 5.5.3 brings the following changes:

- Additional unrar to subdir derive folder name options: "from nzb collection name" and "from custom collection name" (Edit menu->Save/Unpack, Unpack, Unrar to subdir, Derive name).

- Added "Separate folder per collection (auto)" option in the newsgroup view and the search service view context menus. When several collections are selected at once for download&save, each collection will be saved into a separate folder. The option is only recommended when rar files and the corresponding par2 set are under the same collection.

- Added "Trim subject in the middle" option in Edit menu->Properties->Save/Unpack, Save, Auto download&save. When the auto-created save folder name is too long - the subject used as part of it will be trimmed in the middle vs from the right. The setting also will apply to the suggested save folder name and to the unrar folder name when the save path is too long.

- Added "Limit save path" option in Edit menu->Properties->Save/Unpack, Save, Auto download&save. It is now possible to set the auto save path length limit within some range, instead of a fixed limit previously.

- Added "Search by author" option in the newsgroup view context menu. The author will be copied into the search service bar after which e.g. pressing "Enter" will initiate the search by the author.

- Better handling of rar set posts which appeared recently, when each rar file has its own par2 set.

- The unrar password code was refined to discern nzb collections.

- Improved unrar password propagation into article tasks and their associated unpack tasks after custom collection unrar password has been created or changed.

- Updated the built-in kill filter.