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Usenet Explorer 5.2.2 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 5.2.2 brings the following changes:

- Added option Par2 menu -> Download one par2 file per par2 set at a time. It prevents downloading excessive par2 files. The option is relevant when unpack is busy performing a long operation and par2 files are accumulating in the save queue waiting to be processed by unpack.

- Added support for handling nzb files containing duplicate file names.

- The number of files one can import from the search service search results view per single import action was increased 8 times (both server and client code was adjusted and the limit can be increased further if necessary).

- The default setting for Par2 menu -> Mark par2 recovery files for download last is now checked by default for better handling of par2 sets containing misnamed files. It is also set to checked when upgrading from previous versions.

- SSL2 support disabled

- Files without extension can now be added to unpack manually

- When download errors happened - sometimes auto repair didn't start automatically.

- Other improvements and refinements.