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Usenet Explorer 5.2 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 5.2 brings the following changes:

- Added the capability to use unrar password list files in the task manager unpack pane context menu -> Set unrar password. Since unrar may take some time before returning a wrong password error - trying several passwords may lengthen the time needed for the successful unrar.

- Added option Edit menu -> Properties-> Tasks -> Sockets/Network , Network threads, Reuse (don't destroy), checked by default. With the option enabled the program won't destroy the worker threads, but will suspend and reuse them instead, so even when there are no active tasks - the Windows task manager will show all worker threads still there. As there is no noticeable impact on the system performance (as those are just the thread context data), the feature effectively addresses buggy third party drivers failing when an application creates/destroys many threads.

- Missing parts in header properties now show range instead of enumerating all parts.

- Updated the built-in kill filter.