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Usenet Explorer Quickstart: Installation and setup

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First of all you will need to get the latest version of UE. You can find it at the UE website.

note The latest version of this program is version 6.1.1 which was released on July 5, 2024
What has been improved in this version?

You will find 2 versions: the 15 day trial version and the registered user version. The trial version is fully functional and upgrading to the registered version after your trial is very easy and without loss of data and settings.

There's no installer for UE. All you need to do is unzip the zip-archive to a folder of your choice.
If you downloaded the registered version, you'll get an executable named 'UeExtractor.exe'. This is a locked archive, witch you will be able to unpack using your registration number.

At 'Serial' you enter then serial number you received through e-mail. The best way to enter it is with copy&paste. The serial will be remembered, so you don't need to enter when you're doing a update to a newer version.

Next you will be asked where the program needs to be saved to. If you're updating, or upgrading from the trial version, you need to overwrite 'UE.exe' which is located in the folder you used before. If you do so, all your date and settings will be untouched, and you can start right away.

It's recommended to create a shortcut to UE.exe on your desktop for easy access. Now start UE.

In case it's your first-time installation (at the specified location), UE will ask where it has to save the database files.
At the tree-view that appears you can lookup the desired folder, or create a new folder if needed. If a UE database already exists in the specified folder, all settings and data will be save, and used by UE.


If there's no database present at the folder you specified, UE will ask you whether you want to create a new database. Of course, you will answer with 'Yes'.

When you've upgraded from the trial version, or made a new database for you existing registered version you will need to enter your registration data.

At 'Name' you need to give the exact name you used for registration.
At 'Serial' you need to supply the corresponding serial number (same you used with the extractor).
Again, cut&paste will be easiest to use.

Don't forget to tick the checkbox. If you don't UE will close.

Installation and initial setup has finished, the GUI (graphical user interface) will be loaded.

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