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NewsLeecher isn't for free, so when it has not been registered yet, you will see the following screen:

The Continue Trial button appears afer a couple of seconds, after which you can actually start the program. NewsLeecher can be used for 14 days as a trial, after which registering is necessary. Should you have bought a license already, enter your data and click on 'Complete Registration'. Then the following screen will appear:


NewsLeecher’s main screen is shown below. Before we go on to the settings, I will first explain the various parts of the interface.

At the top you can see the menu bar including a list to activate a group. The bar beneath it contains a number of buttons that perform the most common actions. Beneath all this we see the most important part of NewsLeecher, a bar in which we can choose between various tabs. The content of the main screen depends on the tab selected.

A brief explanation of the tabs:
Add servers and Usenet newsgroups
Watch the contents of a Usenet newsgroup
List all items in the download queue
Extract Check on the progress of automatic repair and extraction of the files.
About the same as the Windows Explorer
Version information, news and a log
SuperSearchNewsLeecher’s SuperSearch

Take a look at the bottom left-hand corner. The green section shows us the download speed in graph format. The section at the bottom right-hand corner is used to show the connections to the servers and which action is being performed on a server. Below this there is a status bar, which shows the maximum download speed, the current download speed and the free disk space.

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