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Repair and unpack automatically with AutoUnpack!

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Welcome to the AutoUnpack howto (tutorial). AutoUnpack is a program that is able to automatically verify, repair and extract downloaded files.

Download AutoUnpack

This is what the program looks like:

Normally people will start QuickPar while downloading (or afterwards) to verify whether the downloaded files are complete and to repair them if necessary. Then it is time to extract the downloaded files with WinRAR or 7-Zip. Finally they will delete the RAR and PAR files. So a couple of actions have to be performed by the user. AutoUnpack can automatically do this for us as follows:

  1. While downloading files from usenet, start AutoUnpack and tell it which folder it should monitor (your download folder).
  2. AutoUnpack analyzes this source folder to search for PAR2 files. It uses them to verify the downloaded files that belong to them. If some files are incomplete or missing and there aren't enough PAR2 repair blocks available, the program will show how many blocks are missing. It will analyze the folder again later (10 minutes for example).
  3. If enough PAR2 repair blocks are available AutoUnpack will repair the missing or incomplete files (if necessary).
  4. AutoUnpack will verify whether the repair was successful. If so, it will unpack the archive to extract the files.
  5. Finally AutoUnpack can remove the RAR and PAR files after extraction.

Easy! Just start your download and start AutoUnpack as well. If all files or if enough PAR2 repair blocks are available, AutoUnpack will do the rest. It is able to repair all files in a PAR2 set, including MP3 files for example. It is able to unpack RAR archives but also splitted files (001 files). Before we can start using the program, we have to configure it first.

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