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Archiving & extracting with WinRAR


After downloading all the files of a posting, it is always important to check if all the files are complete and valid (not corrupted in the download process). This can be done with QuickPar if there is a PAR2 file posted with the files.

After that is done, so if you know the files are valid, we can extract them. Open the first file of the RAR archive, often the '.part1.rar' file.
Pay attention: RAR files made with older versions than WinRAR 3.x have the extensions '.rar', '.r01', '.r02' etc. In that case you open the '.rar' file.

After opening, WinRAR starts and shows us the content of the RAR files. Now we select all files (in this case only one), and click on the 'Extract To' button.image
And at last we select the target directory, and click 'OK'.

A faster method to extract files

Extracting can be done even more easily than described above. In the Windows Explorer, right click on the first file (.part1.rar) and choose for WinRAR > Extract here. The files will be extracted in the same directory.