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Usenet Explorer 6.0.2 changelog

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Usenet Explorer 6.0.2 brings the following changes:

- This version is still compiled with a newer unrar source code (even as it performs about the same as the older one which is still compilable in principle), but upon a closer look the code was still designed to unrar only one file at a time while utilizing CPU using multithreading. While internal unrars running in parallel appear to work, to do it properly the unrar code would need a redesign while the benefits are not clear and user feedback would be welcome regarding that, technically it is possible and unrar command line (when "Internal" is unchecked) doesn't have this limitation as multiple processes are running.

- The unrar password list functionality was readjusted to asynchronous unpack as accidentally it was left out, although given the current Usenet realities the feature usefulness is limited.