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SABnzbd 1.2.1 Beta1 changelog

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SABnzbd 1.2.1 Beta1 brings the following changes:

What's new in 1.2.1 Beta 1
- QuickCheck will perform fast rename of obfuscated posts
- RSS Downloaded page now shows icon to indicate source
- HTML tags are filtered from single-line script output

Bug fixes in 1.2.1 Beta 1
- Fix crashing Assembler
- Cloaked files (RAR within RAR) were not detected anymore
- 'Only Download Top of Queue' was broken for a long time
- Incorrectly labeled some downloads as Encrypted
- RSS reading could fail on newznab attributes
- Incorrectly marking jobs with folders inside as failed
- Handle jobs on Windows with forbidden names (Con.*, Aux.*,..)
- Categories were not matched properly if a list of tags was set
- PostProcessing-script was not called on Accept&Fail or Dupe detect
- Support for newer par2cmdline(-mt) versions that need -B parameter
- Some newsservers would timeout when connecting
- Duplicate detection set to Fail would not work for RSS feeds
- More robust detection of execute permissions for scripts
- CPU type reporting on Windows and macOS
- Failed to start with some localhost configs
- Removed some more stalling issues