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ConvertXtoDVD changelog

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ConvertXtoDVD brings the following changes:

- 0011951: [Bug] Film framerate (24p) setting not always applied (cedric) - resolved.
- 0011929: [Bug] cinema - navigation with text menu template - in root menu is missing navigation items/text (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011928: [Bug] menu - The selector cursor overlay is not aligned correctly (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011925: [Bug] option to change the number of chapters per page on menu template "Metallic-Text buttons for navigation" is greyed out (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011927: [Bug] menu editor - selected overlay color selected seems much paler in preview window (felicia) - resolved.
- 0011937: [Bug] image filters not applied - setting not saved (cedric) - resolved.
- 0011943: [Bug] generate time stamps if those of the source file are not consistent (cedric) - resolved.
- 0011939: [Feature Request] files can be added by "pasting"- 'ctrl + v' into app (cedric) - resolved.