NZBVortex 3.2.0 changelog

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NZBVortex 3.2.0 brings the following changes:

A brand new release with up to 40% lower cpu usage using SSL, OS X 10.11 features, priorities and more.

  • 40% lower cpu usage when using SSL – fastest SSL implementation around
  • Add NZB downloads list row actions like Open and Remove (10.11 feature)
  • Don’t check again the additional loaded par2 files being loaded during wildcard par2 check
  • Option to select a group for when creating an RSS feed using “Save as RSS” feature in NZBVortex
  • Sort Queue only in one direction – no reverse sorting
  • Option to pause downloading while postprocessing
  • Ability to set archive passwords for all archives at once
  • Ability to ignore scheduler per nzb
  • Keep a download on top/bottom feature
  • Assign different priorities for each group
  • Add a checkbox to a group settings to ignore scheduler
  • Make NZBClub search engine work again
  • Upgrade openssl to 1.0.2d
  • Add NZB via NetworkAPI should return an NZB identifier for 3rd party apps
  • Crash while getting categories from
  • NZB is reported as junk, but is actually good
  • IllimiNews’ SSL negotiation is not working
  • Dragging a file item from the file list into the NZB list caused a crash